The Orangery Holland Park Wedding, London, UK - Zoe + Dan



"We couldn’t love them any more- they’re AMAZING!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! Our guests have said how wonderful you were on the day and I have very much claimed you as my cousin. Just wanted to let you know!! X"


I have to start this post by saying... THE DRS WILL SEE YOU NOW! (that'll make sense later)

When I wake up the morning of a wedding it's always with kid-like excitment for whats to come. I want my couples to have the absolute best day of their live and for everything to go perfectly, and well I can gladly say that's just what happened for Zoe and Dan *cough excuse me, Drs Zoe and Dan. 

So, it's after the wedding approx 1am, I'm on 1st leg of one of the craziest night tube journeys I've ever been on, flicking through the shots just itching to get previews sent and eventually start the write up for Zoe and Dan's blog post! But, as always I'm sitting here, draft after draft and I still can't quite sum up how mega this day was. So instead of trying to be funny, or jam in those precious google keywords, though I should mention this was a london wedding at Holland Park  (:P) Instead I'm just gonna tell you a smidge about these two, and their crazily awesome day.

It kicked off as all great weddings do, having breakfast at a Cafe Rouge, recovering from what Dan described as an "accidental" night out with his groomsman the day before. Nice one Dan!!!  I'm sure Zoe was doing the same. Alas, a few coffees, croque madame's and an intense game of card roulette later, and Dr. Dan was all good to go!

Oooooh, and I've totally forgot to mention, this wasn't just  Zoe and Dan's wedding day, this was the day England V Sweden was on!! Yep, remember when it was coming home?  Well, we know now that it kinda didn't, sorry to remind you, but still England's victory that day only amped up everyones already insanely high spirits, and made the dancefloor extra messy later on! I can still hear the lyrics "It's coming home" echoing in my ear drums as the chants filled up the bus from The Orangery at Holland Park to the Humble Grape Fleet Street, where the party continued with a video montage of their guests lip syncing to "Call Me Maybe," hilarious speeches (you'd think two Dr's would have had a pretty tame life, boy was I wrong!) and even more isanier (not a word, but whatevs!) shape throwing! To think none of this would have happened if Carley Rae Jepsen hadn't realised that tune. It's bit a long story, but if you ever bump into Zoe or Dan, you should definitely ask! It's up there as one of my favourite "how we met "stories.

So, my final diagnosis is this was one hell of a wedding. I'm prescribing a regime change consisting of scrolling through this blog to be taken daily with a 500ml dose of... whatever booze you have lying around! Cheers ya'll!