Peak District Engagement Shoot - Sel + Callum


"Loveee them!!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuu Harry!!"


Well this feels weird? I've never blogged an engagement shoot before, but couldn't think of a better first than this one!

I do love an engagement shoot. I know it can sound kinda cringey, or uncomfortable, just us 3 hanging out with cameras around, but it really isn't all that bad! I try to keep it pretty relaxed and just leave you two to it. Forget about all the weddings plans for a couple hours and just hang out together! Easy right, and you get a few cool shots for the walls at home at the same time! Anyways, enough about trying to sell the idea of a pre-shoot, let's talk about these two legends for a minute. 

Sel and Callum chose the pretty average Peak District as the backdrop for their shoot. I mean, come on guys, give me something to work with here? and that light... What am I supposed to do with that? Is the sarcasm playing off well? Okay, so the light was kinda special, and the views were a bit cool.  I've never been to the Peak District before, so it was a long overdue visit for me, and boy was it worth it. We got to the location and I was in awe. Could have literally shot for days!! I was slightly worried at first that Sel and Callum wouldn't want to climb much etc But oooooh no, these two... these twoooo. Sel took her shoes off and proceeded to out pace me on every climb, that's right! I was like "I think they've done this before." Little did I know at the time the heaps of trekking these two have done in the past. Anyways, I held my own, got a few pics, walked about 10,000 steps in 2 hours and got to hang out with two amazing peeps. Can't wait for their wedding tomorrow at The Dreys Wedding Venue