Villa Michaela Wedding , Tuscany, Italy - Katie + Russell


"Oh my god! We have an empty bottle of prosecco and are both in tears at the slideshow ❤  Every single photo is incredible!! Beyond over the moon!"


Woah there! First blog of the year, and the honour is all Katie and Russell's wedding at Villa Michaela in Tuscany! Just a stone's throw away from the city of a Lucca (a must see btw! Better than Florence in my opinion!)

 I was pretty excited, and only a smidge nervous  for my debut as an Italy wedding photographer. Okay it was more than a smidge, but the moment I met up with Katie and Russell a couple days before at the Villa, seeing how happy and excited they were for the events to come, I knew it was gonna be an easy one and my nerves subsided, till the morning of the wedding obs. Seriously you couldn't spot these two the whole weekend without smiles on their faces , constantly with each-other, it was kinda gross really, like come on guys!! 😜 

Oh, let's talk about the food in Tuscany one minute! It was pretty epic! I was on a strict diet of Negroni's, Calzone's, Pasta Alio e olio (my fave) and fresh focaccia every morning in my Bnb... oh man the bread... Yeah, it was pretty alright you could say.

 HOLD UP! this is a wedding blog! *Snaps out of it. 

Anyways, no more waffling!! We'll start with the day before at the Villa. Guests arriving, cocktails flowing, and good times being had by all! Man, there really is something about having your closest friends and family travel from all corners of the world to watch you get hitched. Just adds that extra layer of tiramisu to your excitement levels. See, talking about food again! Send me back!!! 

Also such a pleasure to work with Milly from CVE. Events A proper legend! Miss ya!



Now for the big'n!