Ridge Farm Wedding Photography, Surrey - Emmy + Dai


“I want to send you a proper email but for now all I can say is… THANK YOU!!! The photos are so beautiful! You really captured the weekend and emotions! So happy!!!”

*Clear* (Defibrillator noise) *Revives blog*

As if it’s nearly October! I dunno where to start with describing how this years been so far! I mean it’s been pretty friggin crackers, but more on that for the end of year post. For now we're gonna rewind to July. Just for a minute so we can talk about Emmy and Dai and their big weekend at Ridge Farm.

When I’d first sat down with E & D over Skype within 5 mins I knew this was a wedding I desperately wanted to be at! If you follow me at all you know I’m an avid baker (Sourdough being my specialty!) and well, when I found out Emmy shared the same passion of fermented breads and also killing your starter on a monthly basis… well I knew we’d get on big time! Also. Dai is Australian, so I basically loved him from hello. While we’re on the Australian topic, over 60 people made the big trip for these two, so you just know they’re kind of alright as people. Okay, by kind of alright I mean genuinely two of the kindest, fun-loving people I’ve ever met!! and their guests! Don’t get me started! Never have I felt so welcome so quickly! I offered a gin n’ tonic complete with a papier mache willy straw within the first 5 mins of arriving!! (Obviously I didn’t accept, but appreciate straw… from a sustainability perspective) I may have got a little too close to one groomsman! (see frame 22) Love ya Dave!! Also watch out for baby Yuki (he’s about 56th frames in)! I had to cut about 100 shots of him from this blog, but worry not! He’ll be making an appearance in another blog coming soon 🇮🇹

So here it is. Emmy and Dai doing their thang!

AND VOTE MAYOR HIGGINS! (If you know you know!)