Crayke Manor Wedding Photography, Yorkshire - Dina + Joe


“All I want to do is sit and watch the slideshow on repeat!! Harry the photos are incredible!”

Heya! How’s everyone doing? The peak season madness is setting in a bit for me, but today was dedicated to getting these two cats up on the blog!

Not gonna lie, I’ve been itching to get this one up the moment my head hit the pillow at Premier Inn York North West at the end of Dina and Joe’s big day back in June! When Dina hit my inbox last year saying it was going to be a ScottGypt-Ish wedding in Yorkshire (that’s Scottish, Egyptian and Irish!), I knew I just had to be there! (And I knew the dance floor was going to be carnage). However, little did I know the dancing would be kicking off a little earlier than expected with a live Egyptian band playing D & J into their reception! I tell ya, getting everyone up on the dancefloor before the speeches is a new favourite of mine!

Crayke Manor made for the most perfect of settings for Dina and Joe’s weekend. I was a little curious from my first google search of this place - Nothing but a few dimly lit pictures on AirBnB, giving me no idea how this could be a wedding venue. But when I arrived the night before to snap all the “hellos” at their pre-wedding BBQ, I was super pleasantly surprised! (Spider senses going off again big time!) The cow-barn was a festoon lit dream that Dina had turned into the perfect place for a huge party!! With stunning grounds and really interestingly decorated rooms to boot (Seriously one room was all circus themed…. it kinda scared the bejesus out of me! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN “IT”!!) I really hope I get to visit this place and be a Crayke Manor wedding photographer again!!

Oh and a few thanks are in order, especially to Tim from Scott & Atkinson Photography for coming and helping out on this one! You da man!! Oh and Lindsay from LW Events for keeping me fed and watered! Without her I’d have passed out sometime after Dina’s speech 😂

Anyways enough yapping ‘cause this is a bit of a long one! Get scrollin’

Dress: Emma Beaumont | Venue: Crayke Manor | Planning: LW Events | Florals: Queens Flowers UK | Video: Bouncing Ball Films