English Garden Wedding Photography, West Sussex - Tish + Mike

“Oh my actual! No words. NO F—-ING WORDS! I just can’t even. You’ve made my life. What I want to say is, you absolutely nailed it. You are amazing. You have given me and generations after me photos that capture the absolute feel of the day and night, are totally and utterly us, and I am SO proud to show them off and so should you be. You were absolutely born to do this (Craig David songs just popped into my head, and now yours, soz) I shall be telling EVERYONE to have you as their photographer!”

Sooooo it’s finally time to lose my 2019 wedding season blog virginity and the honour is all Tish and Mike’s - in their garden back in May! Wuahwawewa!!

First off let me tell you a bit about these two. When Tish sent in her enquiry early last year, I knew we’d be best friends from the get go! It was like that scene in Step Brothers - “DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS” If you know you know!! She’s just the real life personification of the 100 emoji! 💯 It was the kind of email all us photographers dream of reading. Relaxed CHECK, ditching a lot of formalities CHECK, lots of booze, live music, huge party and flower men QUADROUPLE CHECK!!! Soz I have to calm down. Seriously, these two have the kind of infectious smiles that lights up the whole room and Tish has that kind of loud uncontrollable laugh that empties it!! (Just kidding Tish, love you loooong time!) They absolutely pulled it off!! Their friends and family were equally hilarious and on top form all day. Loved the lady ushers and flower men twist! I hope to see some more! (It’s too hard getting those kids to chuck petals isn’t it)

The day started at Tish’s Nan’s place, a cottage just down the road from theirs. You should have seen my face on our Skype chat when Tish tried to explain that their wedding was going to be in their garden which used to be an old nursery (something like that). However, when I went to see Mike and the lads that morning (there may be a few frames not in this blog of Mike in the shower), I was super surprised and impressed at the effort their family and friends had gone through to turn the grounds into what it was! The perfect setting for a wild wedding. We’re talking rustic sheds, festoon lights, rugs and tonnes of pampas! All things that make my spidey senses go wild!!! I love wedding venues, but nothing quite beats the atmosphere of when you totally pull off a wedding that you, with the help of your favourite people around you, build from the ground up!!

It was also great to work alongside wedding videography rockstars, This Modern Revelry! This job can get a little lonely sometimes, but when you go into work with a couple of cooks by your side like these two - It’s like having those co-workers you love!! If you live under a heavy ass rock and haven’t heard of them, you should really check ‘em out!

So grab your little shot of patron, and get scrolling through Tish and Mike’s big day in their garden, somewhere in Chichester.

Oh.. and some last min advice from Tish herself…. dried olive leaves may be a nice alternative to confetti, but they hurt like a mother b*tch!!! Like thousands of tiny little razor blades!!

LAST THING! I’m gonna give this mixed up style of blogging a go! All the trendy cats are doing it! I think I likeeeee *Borat voice