Elmore Court Wedding Photography, The Cotswolds - Holly + Toby


“You’ve captured the day so beautifully and we really couldn’t ask for anymore. We were so impressed how you grasped what was important to us and this has come across clearly in all the photos. From arriving at 8.15am and not leaving until 1.15am (I think?) you really went above and beyond and this has made the photos incredibly personal to us and will allow us to forever treasure them.”

Happy friggin’ new year everyone! Hope you all had a good one! From what I can remember of mine, it was pretty decent! Finally back in the office today, and the first port of call is to get this sucker blogged! My last wedding on 2018.

So, where do I begin with ol’ Tobes and Hols (Or Munchkin as she prefers to be called, that one was for you Michelle if you’re reading!). When we’d met up for coffee literally a year ago to chat about their big day I knew from then it was going to be a damn good’n. First off, it was all going down at the amaze-balls Elmore Court in the beautiful Cotswolds (winner winner) a venue I've been dying to shoot at for a while now, and boy it didn’t disappoint! Secondly, these two were all about the dance floor, and what else would you expect from the king and queen of Glasto’. Seriously, these two know how to throw a party! Booking the band they’ve been seeing at Glastonbury for the past few years may have had something to do with the insane shapes thrown by all, or maybe it was the sloe gin and blackberry whisky Toby and his parent’s made for the wedding favours? Either way, it went off!!

The weather gods didn’t play ball that day, like at all!! But did that phase Holly and Toby in the slightest!? NOPE! These two had beaming smiles from the minute they saw each other at the ends of that aisle (I would say from the second they got up, but we both know there were some nervous moments that morning, aye Holly! :P Tobes had a little one too) and those smiles had a huge impact on the energy of the day. All the guests could see they were having the time of their lives, and it just made the day a truly special one to witness. If you are entering this mental world of wedding planning, take a page out of Holly and Toby’s book. You can plan and plan, as obviously these two did (everything looked amazing) but you can’t plan for the weather, so why let it bother you? It didn’t bother these two, and the day was absolutely perfect anyways. Roll with the punches. I think I’ve been waffling long enough now, but to sum it all *Takes deep breathe; amazing dresses, suits, flowers, bridesmaids and speeches that’ll have you humming Pony by Ginuwine all on the drive home at 2am #PhillyForever. It’s all here in this little slice of Elmore Court wedding photography.

I hate tooting my own horn, but these quotes from T+H’s friends were too good not to share.

“Those photos are SO fucking epic. Your going to have to build an extension to have enough wall space to have them all up”

“Shit the actual bed - ALL THE FEELS - that really got me...wow wow wow...so good, so full of heart...i loved it all - i started to make note of all my fave bits and gave up because its all incredible. You must give Harry an OBE”

I’d also like to point out that possibly one of my favourite frames ever is in this set. It’s a pretty simple photo, but one that hit me pretty hard. Little back story. I just love it when couples incorporate wedding photos of their parents/grandparents in the day. It’s a super nice touch, and one that can get me a little emosh’ at times, and well Holly and Toby had a few laid out on a table in the ceremony room. However, watching Toby’s granddad take his wedding day photo off the table and proceed to walk around with it a show the other guests… well, I had to sneak behind the Christmas tree in the reception to shed a little tear. It just struck me then how very important this crazy job is, and no matter how many weddings I shoot, that feeling of importance of what I’m doing never escapes my mind every time I press the shutter. I always want my couples to have the best day of their lives, and for the photos to really reflect that.

So people, grab yourselves a pack of Nestlé Munchies, an Old Fashioned and your metaphorical straws, and prepare to suck this in!

Venue - Elmore Court | Flowers - Revival Rooms | Video - Toast | Shoes - Jimmy Choo | Dress - Jesus Peiro via Ellie Sanderson | Hair - Victoria Ralph