The Grange Estate Wedding, Hampshire - Antonia + Ronan



"Thank you so much!! Watching the slideshow again and again! Love it!!!"

Wowsers. Where do I even start with this one? I'd met with Antonia and Ronan a couple of times before the big day and this only ramped up my excite-o-meter! They were both just so calm and relaxed about the whole thing and I knew from there these two were going to have a cracker of a wedding.

Everything was pretty groovy, from the getting ready venues to the incredible Greekish (That’s half greek half Irish) ceremony, then we hit the reception and my god!!! I really didn’t know what to expect, I’d seen very little images on the internet and wanted to keep it that way ‘cause Antonia told me it's an amaze-balls surprise! Then I got there and I guess you could say it was alright... Okay, it was pretty frickin' amazing. Do go check it out The Grange if you ever find yourself in Northington or if you fancy catching an opera! Always mega stuff going on there.

The whole day was full of laughter, great times and a good amount of tears, mostly from Antonia's dad who only cried like 8 times, at-least thats how many times I clocked him, sorry Jack! Also a day of victory for Arsenal fans, which was only about 90% of the guests 😂 So yeah, the dance floor was heaving 'till 2am for more than one reason! Also, more black tie weddings please!

Anyways I’ll close off with another quote from the maid of honour which really made me remember why I love doing this so much.

“So amazing! We all look so happy which is exactly how we felt!! You captured the day to perfection.” 

Now  lets get stuck in shall we? :)