Harry Michael | Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographer






Maybe you've seen a few photographers say, "Oh, you'll never see me on your wedding day! I am a shadow, an enigma, a weird camera wielding Batman." With me, this isn't the case at all. While, I do also work like a ninja snapping candid moments, my presence will be noticed at times. I like to fully immerse myself in the day. Enjoying the moments just like everyone else, except I am there with my cameras documenting them. Of-course no one likes to feel like there's a camera around, sniping them down when they're about to laugh, cry or do something embarrassing, so it is appropriate for me to at times, be invisible (not literally, although that would be cool!)



So that is basically how I do my thing, but if you're interested in more details here they are;

- I do prefer to work alone, but if the situation calls for a second shooter I have a great roster of photography friends.

. Second shooters start at £350

- I shoot with two high end DSLR's and only the most reliable lenses. Of-course I have back ups upon backups of everything in my bag.

- The dreaded family photos! For most people this part sucks, but you'll be glad to know it doesn't have to. I recommend we keep group shots to about 5 or 8, taking around 20-30 minutes to complete. I like to keep these shots really casual especially since no one wants to spends hours on their wedding day on some kind of conveyor belt of humans.

- My portrait sessions tend to last between 15-25 minutes. Pending on schedule etc. My favourite part of the day really, and it might be yours too!! It's the best chance to just get away from everyone for a few moments and just spend some quality time with each other. Now I'm not one to pose and stage moment, even in the portraits. The natural light will drive where we go and the emotions of the day will do all the posing for us.

- The dancefloor is my  fav part (I know I said the portraits were my fav too. I just love the whole day okay?!). I like to use flashes during this portion of the day to capture the craziness, but don't worry! You won't feel like you're in some mad studio.

- Thats pretty much it! Photo/slideshow delivery within 6 weeks. Brap!